Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Do it yourself Girly room Light!!

I still Love this light fixture I made for Kalis Room!!!  transformed.... from gaudy to Chic!!

Heres a couple of before pictures of a kitchen chandelier that was given to me I
decided to see if I could transform it into a cute girly chandelier for Kalis room.I was looking at one in Canadian Tire and it was $180 bucks and for a 3 lamp one was $130 Free sounded like I should give it a try!!
I sanded down the brass, gave it a white paint job, pulled the guts out and flipped it around the other way so I could put shades on it!! then I bought 5 shades and hot glued some fringe to it, bought some colored bobbles at the craft store and put then on some fishing line....presto!! I think it turned out Okay!! what do you think??? I think I spent $50 bucks!!

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