Sunday, May 31, 2009

Some of the Living room Makeover!!!

Heres my hunny up on the ladder taking down the old ceiling fan and white track lighting. he also took down the face covers of the beams so we could run it through the planner and finish them off a lil nicer than they were before!

This isn't a true before picture as where the fish tank is use to be a formal dinning area. we decided to build an in wall fish tank with shelves and storage... as you can see it is not completed yet. Also we use to have a small sunken living room.... which we both liked but it didn't serve the needs of our family so we raised it and installed laminated flooring. Tundra series from Ikea..... I really like the look of it and the cost was great!!

was looking through some old photos to see if I could find any before shots and well here are the best I could find.  This was once a formal dining room with LOVELY burnt orange carpet....(sarcasm) The funny thing is I really do like burnt orange!! 

Right after Kali started to crawl we moved our living room into what is now our dining room off the kitchen. We couldn't keep it in the sunken living room part cuz there was no way to block off where she could fall from because it was all open. So for Christmas we set up our dining room in the sunken living room part.......long story short this is what my sunken living room looked like prior to us raising it with out once again ever sooooooo beautiful gag carpet.

this is a better view of what was once the dining room that attached to our kitchen...... now we installed a wall with a built in fish tank and storage on the living room side and a walk in pantry on the kitchen side.

These pictures aren't in order but I'm tired of trying to figure out how to move them!! This is the focal wall in the vaulted section of our living room above the new built in aquarium/storage part... that still needs finishing touches. We did install lil pocket lights before closing in the wall for when we add shelves to light it up nicely on a dimmer switch.Because we di this reno in the winter after we planed the wood we didn't put a finish coat of sealer on it cuz the smell would be to great sooooo we still have to do that too but it should match the fan fairly close.

Just another lil tidbit about these pictures...... I was looking FOREVER for some kind of art work to put up there that wasn't going to cost me a fortune because the space was soooo large to fill. Too small would look out of place and I didn't fell like or have to to do my own stretched canvas...(which is still costly) So I went to a surplus store where my lil bro lives and they had these pictures on for $9.99 each I guessed 16 would probably fill the space which it did so for $160 bucks I thought it was thrifty and Fabulous all in one...... its not everyone, its a bit crazy looking but I dig em!!

This is a bad shot and I will have to see if I can find a better one.... front of the living room, after we raised the sunken in part.

My hunny mapping out where to drill all of our holes for the 16 pictures we bought to hang!

Again this is Dougie following my instructions on where to drill holes, But this also has a small shot of the track lighting Doug took down, sanded and sprayed flat black!! I was skeptical cuz I HATED the white track lighting when it was up. But the span of our living room and the size of the lights plus the fact that we couldn't add any electrical anywhere in this room left us limited for a cheap fix. But I have to say they look great BLACK!

Again bad picture, I know I have others but need to find em......basically this is a shot of the window we took out of the dining room and relocated it to the living room (the lower one). As well as the wall our colour!

Here are the beams before we planned them they were rough and dark and unfinished. The wall colour I loved but it got nixed cuz it was too dark..... this picture doesn't look as bad as it was. The picture before the photo doesn't do the wall color any justice either. Its a bit darker than that. 

Well thats it for now will post more living room photos when I find em. I will also do a post on how easy it is to plan out your holes for hanging pictures!!! You'll be kicking yourself for all the holes you needlessly put in your wall. 

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Do it yourself Stain Glass

I'm trying to To reorganize any post from my other blog pertaining to the house and import it over here. SO I just found one on the the windows that I stained with do it yourself paint in our bathroom......

I was thinking today about my bathroom...guess its cuz poor Penny was spending sooooo much time in hers that I had a good look around mine!! LOL Anyhoo I was thinking how much I love my windows...... When we bought the house the previous owner was into making stained glass stuff....I must admit I would love to learn how to do this!!! She had made two hanging stained glass windows to put over top of the existing windows. I really liked the look of it...but ofcourse when they moved and sold to us she didn't leave behind her lil jewels. I also have to confess that I am not a lover of window treatments...I can never make up my mind about what I would like to go there. I didn't want curtains...or blinds...but I needed something cuz the bath tub is right by the windows and though I don't think my neighbor would be able to see my naked ass getting in and out of the tub I didn't want to take any chances!!! So I decided to do my own stain glass treatment!!......its the cheating, cheaper version but I love it and it still lets in the light and I have no window blinds or curtains to contend with.
I'd never done it before so it was gonna be a trial and error thing.....but I must say it was very simple and easy to do. it took a bit of time to finish it...I think it took me probably 12 hours in total...I'd work on it for a bit, then give myself a break, let it dry and continue on. In the end I thought I did a pretty damn good job!! its not super cheap to do but when you price out two stained glass windows the sizes I'd need.... it was SUPER CHEAP!!! The stencils will cost anywhere from 14 to 20 bucks I bought two, then I bought extra straight pieces which are 10 bucks each the window paint is about 3 bucks a tube so depends on how many colour you want....I still have lots leftover and my windows are pretty big. Alot of times at the craft store you can get the stenciling stuff in the cheap bins thats where I bought the next design for the french doors I don't have yet!!
Heres some tips if you plan on doing this!!
1. ensure your window is clean and dry before starting
2. figure out what you want before starting
3. measure out your windows and divide them equally I used a ruler and pencil to draw my idea on the window first.... then just tried to match the flowers and stems as much as I could free hand. its not perfect but I think it adds charm.
4.While your in the groove place all straight pieces in one sitting so you don't forget how you were doing it. press them on firmly...some of mine peeled back abit ..I just re stuck em.
5. when you start to paint the insides if you are doing a design with the dabbing or such ...try to finish all the design parts at one time or your stroke may vary the next time you do it and it will show.
6.Toothpicks worked for me...don't over fill the small stuff you don't want it to bubble or can always add to it but its hard to take it away!!
7. if you don't like it let it dry and scrap it off with a razor blade....there were a few times I did this.

I also plan on doing a window or two in the greenhouse I have yet to build!! but I thought it would look pretty in there!! I have more ideas than time and money!! but I guess we all do!!
On grey days like today the windows don't light up as much as they do with the natural sunlight coming in....but I still love em!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tree Fort

I don't know if we will get a chance to build a tree fort /play set this year but I am definitely excited about figuring out what to build and where!!

so here goes my wish list for their fort

  1. Two or three level area including the ground level
  2. two swings
  3. two slides..... a lil one was given to us that we could use.
  4. a rock climbing wall
  5. a straight bar for hanging upside down on
  6. rings / monkey bar
  7. net ladder or fire pole
  8. bucket on a rope for lifting stuff up to the top of the tree fort
  9. a zip line not sure if we have a place for that but I think that would be a gas!!
  10. a roofed in area/fort with electricity lights and a plug
  11. Doug has an old front grill from a jeep I'd like to incorporate.
  12. We have a sign from Dougs Granny I'd hang somewhere, even though it says Granny's House I think it'd be cool out there. We have a few other signs that might work.
  13. a lil flower box under the windows
  14. a sand box area
  15. be nice to have a area to put a baby pool under the slide and a water hose down the slide for some summer fun on hot days.
  16. A water cannon would be great for the kids but not so great for us sooooo I think I'll nix that. 

Is my list too massive!! whats that saying go big or go home!! I figure my kids are young enough that they will get years and years of play out of this. Plus us being in a more rural area I think they would use it longer than some other kids cuz there no other real place for them to go to out here. 

Its probably the last thing Doug even wants to look at this year as we have soooooo much other yard work to get done. This, I'm excited for, the other stuff is just work... thinking and designing this makes me feel like a kid again!! Again I got sooooooo many ideas from Barbara Butler!!! Go check out some of her stuff..... I guarantee you'll spend some time on her web page.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Does that come in adult sized!!

I have been wanting to get a swing set/play fort for the kids. I was thinking of buying one of those big costco ones. I figure my kids are little enough that they would get years of use out of it!! Then I thought wonder if we could just buy the bits and build one ourselves. So having this handy dandy internet decided to look for some ideas...... I came across a lady named Barbara Butler, my god does she do some cool structures!!! I' d be playing in there!!! I think my kids would have a gas for years and years in that. Maybe will have to think about building them the Shari and Doug version.Wouldn't it be cool to have an adult sized lil escape go lounge and read a book or just relax in a beautiful outdoor surrounding.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

To the OUTSIDE!!!!

Well we have been on an unofficial break from doing renos in the House!!! We have sooooo many lil touches still to do. And I really haven't been me..... not sure what the deal is there but I have no desire to do anything even when I'm left alone and have the time to. So we have been on a bit of a breather..... I keep saying I'm going to finish off the hallway and I'd rather just go to bed!!! How sad is that???

The weather has picked up here and I find myself making a mental list of all the things I'd like to do in the yard. Our Yard is in some dire straits!!!!

Well, ever since we moved in we have been doing some kind of major yard project!!! And trust me there is no end insight!!! We can just pluck away at it and do as much as we can. But I am excited at the idea of figuring out what to do with some of our outdoor space.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Kids Rooms

One of my most viewed post is how I rebuilt Kalis closet..... it gets a ton of hits because of Laura over at Orgjunkie

Infact I think this one post accounts for pretty much any traffic that comes here!!LOL I don't care I have always LOVED talking to myself!!! its how I get things done!! Plus its not weird, I'm a Gemini!!! I pretty much have to tell the other half of me whats going on! 

I added in here to save you from blog page hopping!!

So as you all know we've been working hard at getting Kalis room together and her moved over so we can work on Parkers room and have it done before his arrival!!!( I hope)

So heres a before shot of the closet with all sorts of stuff in it!!! theres empty shots of the was functional but not what I would say fully used. Kali being a girl needs a closet she can grow into.. there was no place for long dresses and a huge upper shelve that just was not being fully used to its potential!! I have to say I love to design closet spaces and get the most use out of them. So hope you enjoy the photos.
If you are designing a new closet space figure out what all you want to put into it and work with what else you could use the space for and design accordingly. I spent under forty bucks to do this space. I reused the old stuff that was in there just cut it down with a table saw to sizes that better suited me and bought two new pieces, used the scrap from the one I cut down and built the middle top piece to size cuz it was an odd size that I couldn't buy. I did all on my own... Doug doesn't like doing I find I have an idea of how I want it and its better if I go with it he'd want to revamp my if I can do this on my own SO CAN YOU!!!!!!

PS Papa if you are reading this I made a nice small shelve on the bottom for you to make Kali a Jewelery drawer...Phone me and I'll get you measurements...just white melamine board or if you wanna get fancy you could make one that pulls out and she could take it with her after.

Heres a post on Parkers Room and Closet!!( or read below) I really need to update some pictures of his room.....hes now in a toddler bed, and the nursing pillow I'm glad to report has been long gone!

So like I said I've been BUSY BUSY BUSY.... Parkers room is mostly together, just have the closet doors to paint and the bedroom door to paint and hang!! oh yeah and to put PT in his room so he can enjoy it!! Not much time left!! I still have to pack my hospital bag!! LOL I know I know I gotta get on that!! Plus Doug and I still have to set up a bed for Dougs parents who will be arriving somewhere around the 19th!! Looking forward to having some company and some extra HELP!!!! LOL

Heres PT's room looks soooooo empty compared to Kalis, in time it'll get filled!! ( probably overfilled!!)

The Nursing station, rocking and reading....and maybe even my bed some nights!!

Parkers closet...... looks sooooooo empty compared to Kalis!! But a girlfriend Stacey whos son Brett was born the same month 2 years ago has some hand me downs for Parker!! Should fill it up real soon!!

This will be the changing station, theres lights built into the bookcase that have a dimmer on it. I just LOVE this crib set my mom and little bro picked out!!

PT's BIG BED..... I Love these crib to college beds, Kalis is one too!! it'll convert to a day bed then to a double bed and back to a crib if they want it to for their kids!! Great Uncle Bill made the toy box in the corner for Kali but It looks better in Parkers room so they'll have to SHARE!!!

So what do you think???

Do it yourself Girly room Light!!

I still Love this light fixture I made for Kalis Room!!!  transformed.... from gaudy to Chic!!

Heres a couple of before pictures of a kitchen chandelier that was given to me I
decided to see if I could transform it into a cute girly chandelier for Kalis room.I was looking at one in Canadian Tire and it was $180 bucks and for a 3 lamp one was $130 Free sounded like I should give it a try!!
I sanded down the brass, gave it a white paint job, pulled the guts out and flipped it around the other way so I could put shades on it!! then I bought 5 shades and hot glued some fringe to it, bought some colored bobbles at the craft store and put then on some fishing line....presto!! I think it turned out Okay!! what do you think??? I think I spent $50 bucks!!

Just file it link

This wasn't a reno but .... it took me sometime to do and it makes my life soooooo much easier!! that I thought I'd include some of my organizing ideas as well! So heres the link to my ever so tidy Filing system

Jenny and I had a phone convo the other day about how we file stuff. She said she was feeling weighed down by her lack of a system and I was telling her how she’d laugh at mine. So I told her I’d post some pictures of my filing drawers!!!! Now this is not for the weak…..some of you may start to actually hate me and if you think you may be that person STOP reading now!!! I don’t want to Loose any friends over how organized I am with my files!!!

So I have learned over the years that I prefer not to see stuff….I like it neatly tucked away somewhere but accessible and well taken care of. I have also learned that Doug is the complete opposite of me!!! Where I could have something buried away in a drawer marked neatly and easy to find…he on the other hand has a need to have it where he can see it and also pile it!!! Does not make life easy around here!! Except that well…..I’m in charge….so if he really needs something he’ll ask and I can find it for him in seconds.

Anyway back to my filing system…..I really do have a file for everything and everyone…including the dog!!
I start off with a to do file…..this is where I shove stuff I can’t get to right away or for things that don’t have to be done right away. Then there’s my stuff, my pension, my pay stubs, my taxes. I even have files within files!!! Take my tax file I have 7 folders within it and I rotate them back one every year and turf the last one to make room for the current one. Its rather simple. I also once a year go through all my household bills and chuck out the previous years. I group my files with in my file cabinet…..keeping like with like. Ex. All of our house files are in one area, bills in another, pay related, bank related, card related…you get the picture!! I break my house files down into separate files for house plans, house d├ęcor ( paint swatches, color and ref# for our rugs and tile, laminate flooring etc…then if something breaks or needs to be replaced or reordered I have all the info I need to do so.) I also have a home idea file (where I put things I really like and would one day like to do in our house.) then there’s the insurance, house assessment and property tax file. Each of the kids have a file, I have a file and so does Doug (Even though I don’t think he even knows he has one or what’s in it!) And YES I even have one for our dog Alibi!! I will say that I do put bills I have to pay on top of our desk I just clip them with a clothes pin to keep em all together, when they are paid then I FILE THEM!!!...see how easy this can be. The bottom of my file drawer is a scary place for me……it houses ALL and I mean ALL of our manuals for the tv, fridge, dvd, vcr, video camera, sports stuff, tool stuff, kids stuff…..Really if it were up to me I would CHUCK more than half of them….I figure anything you need to know about you could probably find the info online. But I have a hunny who likes to keep empty boxes that have nothing in them so IMPORTANT PAPERS WITH WRITING on it!!! You can’t get rid of that!! But I will say every once and awhile I will venture into this drawer and wean out stuff we no longer own or use or need for warranty purposes. But even this drawer is broken down into categories, there’s small gadgets, kids stuff, kitchen appliances and accessories, tools, sports equipment, outdoor equipment, telephone, tv, computer, laptop, camera/video … get the picture. I also have files for our vacations ( places to go or things to see and do) Funs stuff( kid craft ideas) gardening, keepsakes, it really is for whatever your needs are for filing.
Also if you don’t have a small fire proof safe you should really invest in one. We keep our passports, birth certificates, jewelry, small collectibles, and I have yet to do it but my plan is to take video of all of our stuff and load it onto a disc with the value amount just incase we ever have a fire or a break in then I will know exactly what we had. You should put copies of your house insurance papers, will, living will, life insurance polices, appraisals and a contact phone number sheet (family and friends phone numbers, medical health numbers and contacts, doctors number, credit card contact numbers, insurance numbers…..this every so often would have to be updated.)

Geez…think I’ll stop writing now!! I didn’t mean for this to be soooooo long! Sorry! Jenny hope you find it helpful and inspirational…..clean out those drawers chickie!!



Master Bedroom Closet

Thought I'd go through some of my old posts on my other blog and move over the links to to rooms we have already worked on. I'm hoping to keep this blog a lil more organized and labeled better. So here is the link to my Master Closet.

The other nice thing is that I will have a record of all our renos stored away with in this one site!! I am sooooo regretting taking before shots of everything we have done!! I get so into the destroying part that I completely forget about documenting it!! I really have to work on this!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our Wish List made REAListic!!

Big sink

bread garage
electric plug on island
under counter lights
computer/tv/ internet for online recipes
heated floors
heat ducting coming out from under the kitchen sink ( so my feet would be warm in the winter while doing dishes)
sink waste disposal
in house vacuum with a suction hole some where in the kitchen for sweeping the floor and not using a dust pan
wine storage
potatoes/onion storage
recycle storage
water tap behind the stove
more drawers instead of doors for full easy cupboard access
flip down soap tray
built in knife holder
place for cookie sheets
place for spices
slam free doors and drawers
pantry area
lower lazy susan with flip in doors
foot pump garbage can slide out door for under kitchen sink
some where for my phone/ and phone book/address book
wine cooler
frosted glass doors
niches for display stuff
drop down recipe book holder
some place to store my toaster.... hate stuff on the counters!!
dimmers on all the lights
tiled back splash

high def or granite counter tops

cleaning supply area

Everything on this list we looked at, and considered.  

I wanted a BIG and Deep sink.... I have had the sinks that were two big ones side by side and I didn't care for it, I had the one big, one small...didn't like that either! We had one with a drain board and I found we just left stuff out on it all the time. I wanted a sink big enough to wash my cookie sheets and roast pans in the bottom of the sink flat!! Doug wasn't sure, he thought it was gonna be too big but I'm glad to say I love it!! Its under mounted and I think that finish looks sharp..... but thats all personal choice. Its 33" wide and over 10" deep. Its made by Blanco this one is called the cascade.

The next thing was an appliance garage... I liked the look of the corner unit ones. I wanted something to hide my toaster and hold all of our breads. In the end we opted not to have the unit built in to the cabinetry. Instead I dedicated 1BIG drawer 33" wide by 12 " tall. It works really well for us. My toaster sits in the drawer if I need it we pull it out but it also has the room to house all of our opened stuff like bread, chip bags and cookies. that way nothing every gets lost and forgotten about.

The island with a plug was a must... we changed the original design from a peninsula to the island and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!....almost forgot about the outlet till I referred back to my notes. Disaster avoided!! Where else would I hookup my chocolate fountain for parties?

Under counter lights aren't yet installed , or even purchased but we did wire and set everything up to connect it all once we find the right ones. 

The computer /TV one we haven't figured out a solution yet!! Doug can wire  the internet to our Tv and I can bring up recipes online and view them on the TV but I have to go to the other room to access it all...... not sure where I want the TV/ or computer yet. we have talked about a computer with a Tv tuner in it. I wanna feel out my kitchen first.... I do miss not having the TV in there while I'm cooking or cleaning but i wanna make sure we know exactly if its needed and where it would be best placed. we've narrowed it down to three locations.

Heated flooring was a must for us.... we went with tiled floors and I never where slippers!!! so it was pretty much a no brainer. Some people opt to just install the heated floor in front of the sink or stove. But I didn't like the feeling of walking from a warm floor to a cold floor all with in the same space... it just felt unfinished or cheeped out to us, so we did the entire kitchen floor. the cost isn't as outrageous as everyone thinks it would be.

my next option was a heat duct .....this was my alternate if we couldn't do the floors then I wanted to have a heat duct blowing warm air on my tootsies.

The garbage disposal we were going to put in up until the closing in of the walls. We have a septic field and we both thought the added waste to it would be too much... the cost of a new septic was too pricey...... we didn't want to take the chance of disposing of stuff we shouldn't be down the sink or over working it. so in the end we nixed it!!

Originally I wanted one of those built in vacuum cleaners..... but really we have only one room that has carpet. So we decided not to install  one floor sweeping.... so there went my sweep duct!

I'm a HUGE Storage NUT!! It could be cuz our hose appears bigger than it is and that we have close to ZERO storage space. So having things organized and placed properly is a must to have a smooth functioning kitchen. Any way  we haven't finished the pantry but my plans in there involve the wine storage, cookbook storage, potatoes/onion storage, some recyclables an extra all fridge and all freezer storage.... not yet bought or done but in the works!!!

our kitchen was soooooo reasonably priced that we decided to spend the extra monies to make it look like a really custom and expensive kitchen one of the things that was pretty pricey but a very nice HAVE was the pot filler tap behind the stove. I will say now that I have one I don't thing I could go back to not having one. it is one handy lil gadget.

I know drawers are more expensive to get than doors but I must say it is soooooo nice not to have to bend over and search the backs of cupboards... we choose to have all big drawers wherever we could and all I have to do is pull it open and voila full access no rummaging , no hands and knees, no pulling everything out to get to that thing in the back you only use once in awhile. The slam free with this is soooooo smooth and nice to have again we got a really good deal which made everything high end affordable.....including the granite!! Doug and I say we bought granite and got the kitchen for FREE!!!

the flip down soap tray is a bit of a sore spot..... we did want one thought we ordered one but didn't get we hold off putting the kitchen together just for a sink with in a tray??? Our answer was NO!! Dougs looking at trying to put in an after market one..... we'll see.

We are gonna look at after market block holders for the knifes to be stored in the drawers or I may design something and hit my father in law up for a favor!! HINT HINT

cookie sheets have a home but in all honesty it was only a 6" cabinet and its not big enough for all my muffin tins broiler pan cookie sheets and wire racks so it will be nice when the pantry is complete to take some of the less used stuff.

Spices..... I was battling where and how to store these lil suckers!! I had a whole upper cupboard devoted to them in our last kitchen it wasn't as organized as I would of liked everything was buried in there and on top of each other. I don't care for them to be displayed on my counter I prefer out of sight!! But an idea presented itself... my tall pantry cabinet came in 4" deeper than it was suppose to but still with only 24" deep shelves which left a door void so I attached all those magnetic spice jars to the inside of the two upper pantry doors and it is working like a hot damn....... I still wanna buy another 6 to fill the top portions of the cabinets with spices we don't use that often as well as jimmies and cake decorating candies and such.


The lower lazy susan flip indoors is soooooo cool but we needed a cupboard without the inside top mount so the doors could lift up into the void,unfortunately ours had a top so the mechanism wouldn't work in ours. I keep telling myself we saved some money there for a really cool option we didn't really need.

The foot pump garbage can door opening we are still looking at.... living in a small town I can't see the size of the garbage cans and thats whats holding up the process. I want two slide out garbage cans under the sink... one for garbage the other for crushed pop cans... DOUG IS A POP JUNKIE!!! Guess its better than beer! So when we go on holidays we'll have to see if anyone carries them in stock to view.

My phone and phonebook area is still undecided it goes hand in hand with the TV/Computer answer..... and well, wherever that goes the phone probably will go there too.

Frosted glass doors got nixed, when I changed my kitchen design.... there was no symmetry and I thought one upper frosted door unit wouldn't look right.

Wine cooler ....... we thought maybe in the pantry but really neither one of us are big on wine so for the amount of time we drink it, it can go in the regular fridge.

There really isn't any place to display stuff but in the end we thought uncluttered would be the best... we'll have a few things out on some shelves but no real dedicated space for it.

I'd still like a recipe book holder...thought a drop down one would be nice and out of the way but it could interfere with my under counter lights......must wait till my lights are installed first to see if theres room for one.

I like dimmers on lights it can make regular lights mood lights so we installed em on the island lights, our pot lights and even the under counter lights will have em!

Tiled back splash.... this at first was a hard choice, we liked the stainless backsplash, the old world tin back splash, glass tiles... but in the end we choose something simple and close matching to our floor tile

Last but not least I want a pull out slide cleaning supply cupboard, just awaiting the mechanism to convert our 9" cabinet to that to hold all cleaning supplies and dish soap.

And there you have my mega long method of how we choose stuff for us.... Make a long story short put every and I mean EVERY want you have and you'd be surprised at how many you are able to make happen!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Kitchen Reno Wish List

When we first moved in we knew our kitchen was gonna have to be done. Doug thought we could just change the door faces and get a new counter top and that would be good enough!! I KNEW BETTER!!! I Knew if we were gonna redo it I wanted what I wanted!! So I started to make a list of all the WISHES I wanted for my kitchen. It didn't mean I was gonna get all of them but it gave me an idea of what was important to me and helped me figure out my needs, wants and the overall design I was going for. My list was filled with EVERYTHING!!!! And I mean EVERYTHING!!! Any thing I thought was cool, neat, practical it made it on there. it looked something like this

  1. Big sink
  2. bread garage
  3. island
  4. electric plug on island
  5. under counter lights
  6. computer/tv/ internet for online recipes
  7. heated floors
  8. heat ducting coming out from under the kitchen sink ( so my feet would be warm in the winter while doing dishes)
  9. sink waste disposal
  10. in house vacuum with a suction hole some where in the kitchen for sweeping the floor and not using a dust pan
  11. wine storage
  12. potatoes/onion storage
  13. recycle storage
  14. water tap behind the stove
  15. more drawers instead of doors for full easy cupboard access
  16. flip down soap tray
  17. built in knife holder
  18. place for cookie sheets
  19. place for spices
  20. slam free doors and drawers
  21. pantry area
  22. lower lazy susan with flip in doors
  23. foot pump garbage can slide out door for under kitchen sink
  24. some where for my phone/ and phone book/address book
  25. wine cooler
  26. frosted glass doors 
  27. niches for display stuff
  28. drop down recipe book holder
  29. some place to store my toaster.... hate stuff on the counters!!
  30. dimmers on all the lights
  31. tiled back splash
  32. high def or granite counter tops
  33. cleaning supply area

Thats pretty close to the original list...... and in all honesty theres not much that we didn't keep! Some things aren't in place yet but we do have plans for them.  I'll tell yeah what we gave up and what we kept and how we decided next!! time for some sleep.... need to dream about what I wanna do to our yard! Sure would be nice to win a piece of that 40 million!! Sweet dreams all

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Renovation Blog


I decided I wanted a place to blog about the things I LOVE.... besides my Hunny and my KIDS!! And I LOVE to renovate.  this girl doesn't mind getting her hands dirty, I'm willing to try anything out..... if I can't do it well then I'll call in the professionals ( First being Doug of course and ... to his dismay... and if he can't ...which hasn't happened YET!!... then the REAL PROFESSIONALS!)

But I definitely am willing to try and am not afraid of power tools and you shouldn't be either!! Maybe I'll inspire you to take on some lil tasks around the house like COMPLETING THAT OFFICE PENNY!! Have tools will travel!! All I know is I could work at renovations all day and not get too terribly sick of it!! DOUG on the other hand.... well lets not go there!!! Hes still recovering from our Kitchen renovation which I'll post in stages!! Its Not totally complete but its at least functional and some what tidy!! ......well you can see by my blog picture thats its not quite done..... but close!!

Monday, May 11, 2009