Sunday, May 31, 2009

Some of the Living room Makeover!!!

Heres my hunny up on the ladder taking down the old ceiling fan and white track lighting. he also took down the face covers of the beams so we could run it through the planner and finish them off a lil nicer than they were before!

This isn't a true before picture as where the fish tank is use to be a formal dinning area. we decided to build an in wall fish tank with shelves and storage... as you can see it is not completed yet. Also we use to have a small sunken living room.... which we both liked but it didn't serve the needs of our family so we raised it and installed laminated flooring. Tundra series from Ikea..... I really like the look of it and the cost was great!!

was looking through some old photos to see if I could find any before shots and well here are the best I could find.  This was once a formal dining room with LOVELY burnt orange carpet....(sarcasm) The funny thing is I really do like burnt orange!! 

Right after Kali started to crawl we moved our living room into what is now our dining room off the kitchen. We couldn't keep it in the sunken living room part cuz there was no way to block off where she could fall from because it was all open. So for Christmas we set up our dining room in the sunken living room part.......long story short this is what my sunken living room looked like prior to us raising it with out once again ever sooooooo beautiful gag carpet.

this is a better view of what was once the dining room that attached to our kitchen...... now we installed a wall with a built in fish tank and storage on the living room side and a walk in pantry on the kitchen side.

These pictures aren't in order but I'm tired of trying to figure out how to move them!! This is the focal wall in the vaulted section of our living room above the new built in aquarium/storage part... that still needs finishing touches. We did install lil pocket lights before closing in the wall for when we add shelves to light it up nicely on a dimmer switch.Because we di this reno in the winter after we planed the wood we didn't put a finish coat of sealer on it cuz the smell would be to great sooooo we still have to do that too but it should match the fan fairly close.

Just another lil tidbit about these pictures...... I was looking FOREVER for some kind of art work to put up there that wasn't going to cost me a fortune because the space was soooo large to fill. Too small would look out of place and I didn't fell like or have to to do my own stretched canvas...(which is still costly) So I went to a surplus store where my lil bro lives and they had these pictures on for $9.99 each I guessed 16 would probably fill the space which it did so for $160 bucks I thought it was thrifty and Fabulous all in one...... its not everyone, its a bit crazy looking but I dig em!!

This is a bad shot and I will have to see if I can find a better one.... front of the living room, after we raised the sunken in part.

My hunny mapping out where to drill all of our holes for the 16 pictures we bought to hang!

Again this is Dougie following my instructions on where to drill holes, But this also has a small shot of the track lighting Doug took down, sanded and sprayed flat black!! I was skeptical cuz I HATED the white track lighting when it was up. But the span of our living room and the size of the lights plus the fact that we couldn't add any electrical anywhere in this room left us limited for a cheap fix. But I have to say they look great BLACK!

Again bad picture, I know I have others but need to find em......basically this is a shot of the window we took out of the dining room and relocated it to the living room (the lower one). As well as the wall our colour!

Here are the beams before we planned them they were rough and dark and unfinished. The wall colour I loved but it got nixed cuz it was too dark..... this picture doesn't look as bad as it was. The picture before the photo doesn't do the wall color any justice either. Its a bit darker than that. 

Well thats it for now will post more living room photos when I find em. I will also do a post on how easy it is to plan out your holes for hanging pictures!!! You'll be kicking yourself for all the holes you needlessly put in your wall. 

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