Thursday, May 28, 2009

Do it yourself Stain Glass

I'm trying to To reorganize any post from my other blog pertaining to the house and import it over here. SO I just found one on the the windows that I stained with do it yourself paint in our bathroom......

I was thinking today about my bathroom...guess its cuz poor Penny was spending sooooo much time in hers that I had a good look around mine!! LOL Anyhoo I was thinking how much I love my windows...... When we bought the house the previous owner was into making stained glass stuff....I must admit I would love to learn how to do this!!! She had made two hanging stained glass windows to put over top of the existing windows. I really liked the look of it...but ofcourse when they moved and sold to us she didn't leave behind her lil jewels. I also have to confess that I am not a lover of window treatments...I can never make up my mind about what I would like to go there. I didn't want curtains...or blinds...but I needed something cuz the bath tub is right by the windows and though I don't think my neighbor would be able to see my naked ass getting in and out of the tub I didn't want to take any chances!!! So I decided to do my own stain glass treatment!!......its the cheating, cheaper version but I love it and it still lets in the light and I have no window blinds or curtains to contend with.
I'd never done it before so it was gonna be a trial and error thing.....but I must say it was very simple and easy to do. it took a bit of time to finish it...I think it took me probably 12 hours in total...I'd work on it for a bit, then give myself a break, let it dry and continue on. In the end I thought I did a pretty damn good job!! its not super cheap to do but when you price out two stained glass windows the sizes I'd need.... it was SUPER CHEAP!!! The stencils will cost anywhere from 14 to 20 bucks I bought two, then I bought extra straight pieces which are 10 bucks each the window paint is about 3 bucks a tube so depends on how many colour you want....I still have lots leftover and my windows are pretty big. Alot of times at the craft store you can get the stenciling stuff in the cheap bins thats where I bought the next design for the french doors I don't have yet!!
Heres some tips if you plan on doing this!!
1. ensure your window is clean and dry before starting
2. figure out what you want before starting
3. measure out your windows and divide them equally I used a ruler and pencil to draw my idea on the window first.... then just tried to match the flowers and stems as much as I could free hand. its not perfect but I think it adds charm.
4.While your in the groove place all straight pieces in one sitting so you don't forget how you were doing it. press them on firmly...some of mine peeled back abit ..I just re stuck em.
5. when you start to paint the insides if you are doing a design with the dabbing or such ...try to finish all the design parts at one time or your stroke may vary the next time you do it and it will show.
6.Toothpicks worked for me...don't over fill the small stuff you don't want it to bubble or can always add to it but its hard to take it away!!
7. if you don't like it let it dry and scrap it off with a razor blade....there were a few times I did this.

I also plan on doing a window or two in the greenhouse I have yet to build!! but I thought it would look pretty in there!! I have more ideas than time and money!! but I guess we all do!!
On grey days like today the windows don't light up as much as they do with the natural sunlight coming in....but I still love em!!!

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