Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tree Fort

I don't know if we will get a chance to build a tree fort /play set this year but I am definitely excited about figuring out what to build and where!!

so here goes my wish list for their fort

  1. Two or three level area including the ground level
  2. two swings
  3. two slides..... a lil one was given to us that we could use.
  4. a rock climbing wall
  5. a straight bar for hanging upside down on
  6. rings / monkey bar
  7. net ladder or fire pole
  8. bucket on a rope for lifting stuff up to the top of the tree fort
  9. a zip line not sure if we have a place for that but I think that would be a gas!!
  10. a roofed in area/fort with electricity lights and a plug
  11. Doug has an old front grill from a jeep I'd like to incorporate.
  12. We have a sign from Dougs Granny I'd hang somewhere, even though it says Granny's House I think it'd be cool out there. We have a few other signs that might work.
  13. a lil flower box under the windows
  14. a sand box area
  15. be nice to have a area to put a baby pool under the slide and a water hose down the slide for some summer fun on hot days.
  16. A water cannon would be great for the kids but not so great for us sooooo I think I'll nix that. 

Is my list too massive!! whats that saying go big or go home!! I figure my kids are young enough that they will get years and years of play out of this. Plus us being in a more rural area I think they would use it longer than some other kids cuz there no other real place for them to go to out here. 

Its probably the last thing Doug even wants to look at this year as we have soooooo much other yard work to get done. This, I'm excited for, the other stuff is just work... thinking and designing this makes me feel like a kid again!! Again I got sooooooo many ideas from Barbara Butler!!! Go check out some of her stuff..... I guarantee you'll spend some time on her web page.


Jenny said...

It'll be in the front right?!Not too many trees in your backyard right now...LOL...j/k
I always thought it would be cool to have a tree fort for the boys. I'd probably have to hire someone to build it though...

Sharijoy said...

No I was thinking the side closer to the back yard.... off my over grown wild mess of a garden... by the apple trees.

Jenny said...

You should make it a jeep shape...with the grill on the front and have some steering wheels.
The kids would love that!

Sharijoy said...

I thought about that but I think we are gonna make a jeep sandbox for now.... get four tires and half bury them. then frame it around the grill and make a lil bench sit lip round the perimeter. I need a scanner to upload by drawing I think it'll be cool!!!